Umax 13wr laptop

One of the best machines I have ever had is this tiny little laptop by UMAX.

What is so great about it? Well, IPS display, no fans, good enough for my emacs shananigans (even with screen recording).

And price, price is excelent, under 200 EUR.

CPU: Intel Atom N4020 (2 cores at 1 point something GHz, with ?permanent? boost up to 2.7 GHz), pretty capable, I think it is something like 3 times slower than my 10th gen i5 in my other laptop. RAM: 4 GB, DDR4, soldered HDD: eMMC storage + a slot for m.2 SATA card, I populated it with 128 GB SSD, which in theory gives me a simple dualboot option Display: 13.3" IPS matt display, not bad fot he price Battery: yes :-D

Some GeekBench result