This will be my page about programming. I am still a noob, learning Common LISP (are you getting the domain now?). Still searchong for the best way how to learn, practise, improve. I have a book, a lot of online sources, but.. After a year, I am still lost. Of course, I can not expect miracles like those with pascal, when I was able to type a simple program after a few minutes of learning. But still, after a year, I expected a bit more. TBD (hopefully)

Not as much of a progress as I wanted to be. Still trying to finish my LISP book, but I think I will need some more help in person. To get inside the language. You know, I started with BASIC (the one in ZX Spectrum - I had a clone, but 100% compatible) where there were no complications. Easy to understand, easy to do basic (BASIC) stuff. I do not know how to do this in LISP, not even after a year of learning. When I was young, I could do anything, the only limitation was a speed of Z80 (and me not knowing how to program in assebler). But still, I am a bit disappointed by myself. Or maybe not just by myself, because when I put my effort into Pascal, I was able to do more in 2 days than I was able to do in LISP after months. So probably it is a combination of language features and my brain limitations? Who knows. Or maybe pascal is so good and easy :-)

I more or less incline to FORTRAN and COBOL, it really reminds me my early days with BASIC, when everything was pretty clear and I was able to understand and program things pretty fast. I will probably focus on FORTRAN a bit more, it seems to have a better online and offline (PDF and such stuff) sources. UPDATE: COBOL is better :-D I recommend for you to follow me on Mastodon and on my Gopher phlog for more spam... ehm, updates :-)

Samples of my code, some Pascal, some COBOL, some others as well.

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