PowerMac G4


My PowerMac G4

I have a PowerMac G4, 400 MHz, 1 GB of RAM, some drives inside and such. Of course, it runs macOS Tiger at best, which is not something you want to do in 2021 if you also want to do something useful on this machine. So what I did is to install OpenBSD (still supported in the latest version) and tested how much I can do in it. Well, I can do a lot. Since there is still the latest Emacs available and I am an Emacs fan, I can do a lot inside it.

Mastodon - works

Email - works (better than in the Mail app in macOS)

Sound - works

But yeah, the elephant in the room - web is unusable and there are 2 main reasons for that.

** 1. There is no usable GUI web browser, no Firefox, no Chrome (of course), no qutebrowser (as far as I know, there is a package of netsurf and dillo, but that's not any more useful than using eww in Emacs or links in a terminal)

** 2. Even if there would be any GUI browser, the experience from macOS with TenFourFox (based on FF 45) is that everything more advanced than my page will be super extra slow. So, it does not really matter if there is any GUI browser available.

But yeah, netsurf for some pages - however, web browsing is not something you want to do on this machine. There is VLC, but you know, 400 MHz - not the best for your 4K porn collection :D But OK, VLC for music, usable.

Emacs starts in about 30 seconds, but then it is usable, that is what I need. There is ratposion so all my other xorg needs are sattisfied :-D

Should you buy such a mchine? NOT - buy any other PC, maybe buy an early 64 bit core 2 Duo, install OpenBSD in amd64 variant and enjoy everything that UNIX has to offer for you :-D

But if you already have this machine and you want to use it for something else than flexing about having an Apple computer, this is one of your options.