I am using a lot of cameras in my life. I will write about film cameras for the most of the time. I own Zorki 4, Minolta XG-1, Yashica D, Kiev 4 and Altissa Altix. OK, this was accurate 2 months ago, now I also have Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 520, FED 2, a lot of new lenses and I am awaiting a Nicca 3-f.

Update, March 2019 - Nicca came and went away. Sadly. It was such a nice camera, but... I need a working one. But, I am not done with M39 cameras, I bought a Leotax and Canon, both very smooth and pleasant to use. Continuing with film development, getting a bit better in it. And once it will be more sunny and warm outside, I will take more photos again. Any film photo enthusiast out there? And yes, update about FED - this camera is now in Finland :-D

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