Random notes from my life

I just wanted to post something here, so it is now May 6, 2021, I'm typing this in Emacs which is running in openSuse, for some reason I needed to log into Wayland session. But that helped me to try OBS for screen recording, etc. So overal, not a bad experience.

May 9, 2021 - edited emacs.html page as a practise in editing inside Emacs. I also updated my RSS feed sources, got rid of reddit junk (or at least the most of it) and put some lower traffic, but interested sources

May 9 as well - making a short video about my workflow in #Emacs. And as usual, I can nto type when I also record my video :D This is a document made in org which will be exported to HTML and uploaded to my FTP. Nothing fancy, nothing special, maybe I will add a link to something like Alex's blog. Alex Schroeder is another Emacs enthusiast, so why not? Here it is: Alex's page

OK, now I have to find a way how to use ffmpeg and make this video faster (speed up). So we will use eww, of course :D Maybe I have found it, it shoult work like this:

ffmpeg -i input.mkv -filter:v "setpts=0.5*PTS" output.mkv

Hmmm, should I put the code into the code section? Let's see if I could use org mode help here. I was able to do that, nice :-D And now, export the document and upload it onto FTP.

June 5

On my path to find a better web browser, I am back on Vivaldi. As you may already know, I have a few computers, some of them are powerful enough not to show off the lack of speed when using Firefox.

But I also have a underpowered UMAX laptop which shows this pretty happily. So my quest was, to find if there is a greener grass on the Chromium part of the garden. And it seems there is.

I used Vivaldi and yes yes yes, there is a significant speed increase. Probably it will be worse with RAM usage, but that I can live with.

I know that my ideal web browser would be Iridium, however - those german guys are not that regular with updates, also there are multiple versions for different Linux branches / distributions and each one of them is based on a different version.

Not to mention unresolved dependencies on my current distro. Yes yes, it is open source, I can bouild it - but can you imagine building it on this kind of laptop? :-D