Emacs life



I was a fan of simply solutions for a quite long time. So why would I change that for Emacs? Well, as many emacs haters will tell you, Emacs is more of an operating system rathern than text editor. Which is correct, if you do nto have any multmedia ambitions on your computer, you can do almost everything inside Emacs. It has a huge advantage, usually the same keyboard shortcuts (bindings) for every "program" inside Emacs. It is the same as for vim users when they are so so so so much happy about vim key bindings in various terminal programs like ranger, …

This is just the beginning of my path, I am only using a few things inside Emacs because it is very easy to get overwhelmed by so many possibilities. And I would like to do it slightly different this time, take smaller chunks and go deeper rather than cover everything at once and nothing well or deep enough. So my first steps are:

  • work inside every buffer efficiently, know my key bindings
  • setup a few, most used packages and practise by really using them (elfeed, mastodon, dired)


Yes, I'm using a vanilla Emacs, no vim key bindings no distributions. I mean, there's nothing wrong with using Emacs distributions, especially when you want to see what is possible to do inside Emacs, but a lot of them are just packing a looooot of stuff for programming, so many different packages. And I have found that I can do a lot of things even without these packages just because Emacs does everything right :-D Please repeat, Emacs does everything right.

But if I would have to recommend a package, it would be a "vanilla Emacs keybindings" one like Prelude or Centaur (use search engine to find out more), those seem like well themed, curated and actively developed Emacs distros.


Oh yes, this is important, you need to have a beautiful theme to be able to promote your stuff on #emacsporn or #unixporn on reddit, right? Oh yes you need. So, as you can find later on this page, there is a link to a cool greek guy who created a light and dark theme, from which I am using the light one during the day. Otherwise, just select the "Wombat" one, it is preinstalled and you will be as happy as I am.

JULY 16 UPDATE: no no no no, I'm no longer using two themes, it was too much to adapt. So for now ( for more than a month, actually), I am using a Leuven (built-in) theme. It is light, so…

But my experience tells me that it is not that bad during the day and during the night, I can turn down the brightness on my laptop, so… Leuven it is.

AUGUST 27 UPDATE: Because some ViM users were unahppy with my blinding setup, I moved back to wombat theme. It is good enough and dark enough so it's win-win.


I need more info, now

OK, if this is not enough, visit:

  • Protesilaos Stavrou and his page, youtube channel, etc.
  • System Crafters (again, use search engine to find out the youtube channel)
  • Sacha Chua website for weekly news and other sources