I like BSDs. Maybe it is just a pose, mostly because I am typing this on my Linux machine inside a ssh session. But still, I like the simplicity, I like the license itself, I like that it is still very much UNIX-y. Back in my early days with no-Windows experience, NetBSD was ony of my first. Why? Because I got a PC that could handle Windows 98 or really really lightweight /current/ OS (I mean, current at the time, 2004). No internet connection at home, but I was able to download and burn a CD with a lot of NetBSD packages and installer, I think it was a fresh 2.0 release - so I installed that and then slowly compiled other software I needed, first I was bringing that home on a floppy, later on a USB stick. It worked. Hey, do you remember that it was an era when OpenBSD did not have a proper install CD ISO? You needed to create one, "pirate" one, buy one or use a floppy and packages separately. Not to mention insanely hard to understand installer at the time :-)

But now, now I do not have any issues with NetBSD or OpenBSD. OK, there are limitations holding me back with using one of those as my main operating system at the moment (weird setup on my Lenovo T420), but I am planning to build a PC with non-intel GPU (and CPU, if possible) and then it should be easier to fully switch. I am not promising anything, but at least I will try. Once that will be done, this page will expand :-)

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