January 26th, 2020

How is that possible that whenever I start to look at something, I also find out that people I am following already are interested in the same thing / topic, or at least in something (more or less) similar to that. COBOL - boom, there are COBOL people. DX-ing? Yes Sir, same case. Etc., etc. It is good, because usually these people are much much much more knowledgeable than I am (which is not hard to achieve).

Anyway, I am happy for this, it helps me to move ahead, which is the goal for 2020. BTW, a few changes in my "internet celebrity" life - I switched to english in my fountain pen related youtube channel, I am growing there, already at 11 subscribers. Also, my regular job life is improved. Not that I am working at normal hours, but I was kind of promoted to not only respond to stupid questions but also provide more advanced help. So, maybe this is the year for me.

January 4th, 2020

Hyped. I have found out the heirloom project. And from there, it was only one step (click) to get to the Steffen (daode) webpage full of nice and freshly updated s-utilities, including s-nail, a descendent of mailx with all the stuff you need for early 20s (yeah, I like how we are in 20s again :-D ).

Also, also, also - abduco + dvtm as my new tmux alternative. Why? BECAUSE WE CAN! Plus, dvtm has slightly better default keybindings, abduco seems to have a slightly better session manager (at least I understand it better). What sucks is mouse support. I mean, technically it does not suck because there is none. But honestly, mouse support in tmux was also terrible so I never used my mouse there. Which reminds me, I sould try mouse in "fullscreen" terminal and not while tiling. No worries, you will be updated"

January 3rd, 2020

Since I moved away from my Gopher phlog to a more modern internet presentation, here it is. My blog in html, that is like 10 years ahead, we are getting into early 2000s in early 2020s :-D Progress. Also, it is a new beginning, new year, new decade. Why are people starting (or like to start) everything at the beginning of a year? Maybe, maybe... because it is easier to track how long they have menaged to keep that new resolution or something else. For example if you will start to learn a new language on January 1st, it is easy to remember that and in June you know that you wasted 6 months already and you still know nothing.

My new years resolution? To continue with programming tutorials and books, I am slowly getting into it and things are starting to "click" into the final puzzle. That is good. Maybe one human language would be nice, Russian seems to be usable at my job, it would be the only way how to be promoted (to a completely different kind of work, but still, at least money wise). Will see. BTW, unstructured text here, so if you do not like that, too bad.

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