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1. What I like, do and stuff

  • Born in Slovakia, 1984, currently living in Prague, CZ
  • I like computers, fountain pens, open source, trains, Germany
  • Working as a technical support for an adult entertainment website
  • Using Linux wherever I can, BSDs even where I can't.
  • GNU Guix, Lisp/Scheme, Perl fan
  • name is obviously "Peter Kotrčka" :-D
  • I like to cook
  • I prefer humans, not AI

2. GNU/Guix

Community on Mastodon inspired me to give GNU/Guix another chance. The issue is, I do not have a "free software compatible" computer, so I have to use nonguix. Which would not be that bad, but… My access to ethernet is very limited on the computer on which I would like to install it. So my best option is to use the System Crafter's nonfree Guix Installer ISO, which (at this point on late March 2024) is more than 6 months old. That should not be a problem, but the update will take a long long time and might not even happen successfully on the poor little machine I have.

Update, later that month :-D (April 2024): I DO have a computer capable of running unlatered GUIX. My main computer at home. No Wifi, no fancy GPU, so it is basically made for GUIX. Will install.

3. GUILE (or Scheme in general)

Well, guys, this is a sad part of my life. I like everything Lisp related, but Guile is such a pain to work with. Like, there is nothing that simply works works for me. NOTHING. Examples:

  • I want to build guile from source to get the latest version. It should be a simple './configure && make && make install'. But no, in my case, you need to have guile to build guile - which, does not make that much of a sense. And if yes, then PLEASE, mention that in the tutorial, something like "do not build guile if you don't have guile installed". Not to mention all those magic byte errors i've got over the last few years. Insane.
  • Modules. Modules are installed all over the hard drive and then nobody will ever locate and load them. For example, haunt, a scheme site builder - part of the modules are available, some are not. And of course, that means it does not work at all. At ALL.

Update, later that day (April 24, 2024) - I managed to install haunt via guix (what else, right?) and made it to work. However, for my super simple website (this one), I might stick with orgmode export to html. That does not mean I quit, I will explore 'haunt' a bit more, but not for my production. More or less for the sake of learning scheme.

4. Contacts

Electronic mail: pkotrcka (at) vivaldi (dot) net

Mastodon: CLICK

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Author: Peter Kotrčka

Created: 2024-05-05 Ne 15:59