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What I like, do and stuff

  • Born in Slovakia, 1984, currently living in Prague, CZ
  • I like computers, fountain pens, open source, trains, Germany
  • Working as a technical support for an adult entertainment website
  • Using Linux wherever I can, BSDs even where I can't.
  • GNU Guix, Lisp/Scheme, Perl fan
  • name is obviously "Peter KotrĨka" :-D
  • I like to cook
  • I prefer humans, not AI


Community on Mastodon inspired me to give GNU/Guix another chance. The issue is, I do not have a "free software compatible" computer, so I have to use nonguix. Which would not be that bad, but… My access to ethernet is very limited on the computer on which I would like to install it. So my best option is to use the System Crafter's nonfree Guix Installer ISO, which (at this point on late March 2024) is more than 6 months old. That should not be a problem, but the update will take a long long time and might not even happen successfully on the poor little machine I have.

To be continued…


Electronic mail: pkotrcka (at) vivaldi (dot) net


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